Helping industry thrive in an emissions-constrained world

ICS is a Canadian controlled private corporation
  • Develop & commercialize breakthrough technologies

  • Provide pathways for industry to thrive in a low-emissions future

Drive is to eliminate barriers to widespread implementation of industrial  GHG solutions
  • Breakthrough Regenerative Froth  Contactor technology
  • Standardised manufacturing and assembly

Work with innovators and industrial channel partners around the world
  • Canada, U.S., Europe & Asia developing new technologies & applications
  • OEM/E&C industrial project developers & equipment providers


WES has worked with innovation partners around the world, including Process Group and CO2CRC in Australia, CMC Research Institutes/Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute in Canada and Norway's SINTEF. The WES/SINTEF/CMC collaboration capitalizes on the Regenerative Froth Contactor's resistance to fouling and extreme tolerance for particulate loading.  Their current joint work with SINTEF and CMC/CCCI promises to open the door to a new class of phase-change, or precipitating, solvents for CO2 capture.

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