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Helping industry thrive in an emissions-constrained world


Many industrial processes require gas and liquid to come into contact as part of the separation, chemical reaction, or other processes.

With applications in carbon dioxide capture ranging from algae production, mineralization, or pre- and post-combustion capture systems, industrial applications extend into particulate and other emissions scrubbing and continuous-throughput chemical reactors.

The Pulse-Enhanced (Regenerative) Froth Contactor is a step-change in gas/liquid and gas/liquid/solid processes.

  • Self-cleaning - the RFC eliminates fouling, easily handling processes with entrained solids, or that result in precipitate formation

  • Eliminates the 'diffusion limit' - highly turbulent, pulsing bands of froth ensures fresh solvent at the liquid-gas interface, ensuring excellent mass-transfer, even with viscous solvents

  • Highly efficient mass-transfer - reduces equipment size, with five times or more improvement in process intensity

ICS is a Canadian controlled private corporation
  • Develop & commercialize breakthrough technologies

  • Provide pathways for industry to thrive in a low-emissions future

Drive is to eliminate barriers to widespread implementation of industrial  GHG solutions
  • Breakthrough Regenerative Froth  Contactor technology
  • Standardised manufacturing and assembly

Work with innovators and industrial channel partners around the world
  • Canada, U.S., Europe & Asia developing new technologies & applications
  • OEM/E&C industrial project developers & equipment providers


WES has worked with innovation partners around the world, including Process Group and CO2CRC in Australia, CMC Research Institutes/Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute in Canada and Norway's SINTEF. The WES/SINTEF/CMC collaboration capitalizes on the Regenerative Froth Contactor's resistance to fouling and extreme tolerance for particulate loading.  Their current joint work with SINTEF and CMC/CCCI promises to open the door to a new class of phase-change, or precipitating, solvents for CO2 capture.

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