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High Speed Photography

The RFC packing consists of proprietary convoluted screens separated by spacers, that trigger unstable pulsing flow. The rectangular waves of the screens form ridges and valleys aligned in parallel across the area of the screens. The walls of the ridges and valleys of the screens are vertical, parallel, and in close proximity with adjacent walls. The screen mesh that make up the ridges and valleys form a quasi-froth matrix, upon which, intricate liquid froth matrices form and are propagated at low liquid to gas ratio. The ridges and valleys of each succeeding downstream screen are rotated at a specific angel relative to the previous screen.

  • Pulses spontaneously form at the top of the column.

  • Solvent pulse as it emerges from the bottom of the column.

  • The froth itself provides very large surface area, independent of the steel packing.

High turbulence ensures:

  • ­full saturation of solvent

  • ­solids remain in suspension

  • ­precipitate formation results in uniform, small crystals

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