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Smaller Towers


Because of the extremely high mass transfer rate, the same level of extraction can take place in half the tower height.


Half the tower height reduces:

  • the number components to be shipped to site;

  • the number of components to be assembled at site;

  • the on-site labour costs;

  • wind loading and structural loads on the tower;

  • crane requirements for erection;

As a result, reduced loads allow towers to be manufactured with FRP (fibreglass) which:

  • enables standardized production equipment at the factory;

  • reduces weight further;

  • reduces loads on trucks for transport;

  • reduces corrosion issues;

  • can be provided with factory custom linings for a wide range of solvents;

  • reduces material and manufacturing costs of the tower;

Standardized, modular manufacturing processes enables:

  • Tower selection by gas flow rate;

  • Internals selection by solvent characteristics;

  • Standard modules with custom internals;

  • Simplified engineering design based on standard components.

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