2018-12-19: Calgary, AB CANADA

Industrial Climate Solutions Acquires Westec Environmental Solutions’ Assets

Industrial Climate Solutions Inc. (ICS), a Canadian controlled private corporation registered in Alberta was established in 2017 to scale up and commercialize industrial process technologies with an emphasis on climate change mitigation and adaptation impacts.  The initial focus was on platform technologies developed by Westec Environmental Solutions LLP (WES) of Kahului Hawaii. Initially holding world-wide exclusive rights to the patent portfolio, ICS has, in a recent non-cash transaction, acquired the assets of WES including the intellectual property portfolio and the contents of the WES Maui research lab.

Roy Pellegrin, principle inventor on all patents, and Bill Hargrove, formerly the WES CTO, have joined ICS as core members of the development team. 

“WES brings terrific platform technologies and experience relating to gas/liquid contacting for gas separation, flue gas scrubbing and CO2 capture, and the extreme service air quality technologies developed for bioweapons defense applications. Combining that with the technical and market capabilities in ICS and our partners, we are positioned to deliver on the potential we have all seen in the newly acquired ICS portfolio,” says Richard Adamson, CEO of ICS.  “In addition to outstanding performance in conventional process applications we are working with world-leading developers of next-generation solvents to make a step-change in performance of CO2 capture and other gas separation applications.”

Press or investment inquiries, contact: Richard Adamson, CEO RichardA@ICSolutions.work

Web: http://www.ICSolutions.work

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/icsi-industrial-climate

Twitter: @IndClimSol

2018-12-01: Calgary, AB CANADA

New Vice President of Development and Government Relations joins Industrial Climate Solutions

Dec 2018 - Calgary, AB. Industrial Climate Solutions announced that Dr. Maryam MKhani has joined the company as the VP of Development and Government Relations, where she will play a strategic role in the technology development to prove the viability and effectiveness as well as in enhancing the government relations and support as the RFC technology enters the climate mitigation and climate adaptation market, both nationally and globally. 



"Maryam has unique experience in the technology development, diffusion of innovation and system perspectives of industrial processes", CEO Richard Adamson said. "She will combine her industrial, R&D, management and people skills to support ICS' journey in proving the viability and effectiveness of our RFC technology in climate mitigation and adaptation as we move it toward commercialization".


Dr. MKhani comes to ICS after directing innovative solutions at a Calgary-based start-up EnSciTech which she co-founded with her partner in life and science, to develop clean technology addressing the gaps in renewable energy market and in Alberta's oil sands product diversification.  Prior to launching EnSciTech, she spent half a decade, leading GHG reduction technology programs at ConocoPhillips and COSIA, also worked with Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. She was the co-inventor in patents filed by EnSciTech on waste ash to vanadium electrolyte and by Carbon Engineering on direct CO2 Capture. 


Early in her career, Dr. MKhani was a Professor in the Energy and Environment Engineering Department at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. She led a research team applying methodologies to integrate new biorefinery concepts in existing pulp and paper plants.