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Industrial Climate Solutions Inc. (ICS) is a Canadian company whose roots run deep in industrial and commercial innovation.


The company develops and commercializes industrial breakthrough process equipment and technologies to address greenhouse gas emissions. Transformative technologies have many applications in areas outside of the climate file, so we work with partners to develop these 'non-core' applications and markets.

The company was co-founded by Richard Adamson and Jeff Pallister, with seventy years of advancing industrial and commercial innovation between them, and Westec Environmental Solutions LLC of Kahului, Hawai'i (WES), in part to move their strong patent portfolio into the market.

Subsequently, in Q3 of 2018, ICS acquired the assets of WES, including their intellectual property portfolio and the contents of the Maui lab. At that time Bill Hargroves and Roy Pellegrin joined the ICS team.

Building on earlier particle control work commercialized under a predecessor company, Peletex, the team took on a challenge under an Office of Navy Research contract with Sandia National Laboratories for particulate and gas contaminant filtering in extreme particulate loading conditions. 


The system proved successful and was identified by the US Patent & Trademarks office as one of the Most Outstanding Inventions of 2007


Adapted to CO2 capture, the WES technology went on to win the Iberdrola Perseo Award for 2010 in the field of "Technologies for Capture and Storage of CO2 and Clean Combustion" among several other recognitions.


WES has worked with innovation partners around the world, including Process Group and CO2CRC in Australia, CMC Research Institutes/Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute in Canada and Norway's SINTEF. The WES/SINTEF/CMC collaboration capitalizes on the Regenerative Froth Contactor's resistance to fouling and extreme tolerance for particulate loading.  Their current joint work with SINTEF and CMC/CCCI promises to open the door to a new class of phase-change, or precipitating, solvents for CO2 capture.
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