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Richard has facilitated the commercialization of innovative technologies in Canada and the United States for three decades.


  • Past Managing Director/President of Carbon Management Canada/CMC Research Institutes


  • Sr. Project Lead w. Southern Research Institute (NC), led the establishment of the Carbon-to-Liquids Development Centre, hosting pilot test programs for biomass-to-liquid-fuels conversion technologies


  • Co-founder of Mariah Energy, distributed micro-utility, developing self-dispatching   microturbine Combined Heat and Power network


  • Market development, product development & marketing w. start-ups & multinationals in industrial & commercial products.

Jeff specializes in the strategic and operational management of manufacturing firms and technology companies. His focus is on achieving high impact performance improvement and increasing shareholder value through operational excellence.


His expertise includes preparation and implementation of strategic and operational plans, market assessments for new products, improvement of business operations, and the application of ISO 9000 and Excellence quality systems.


Jeff has worked with over 400 firms during the past 25 year to help them build and scale their businesses.


Phone: 587-888-3265  

Roy Pellegrin
Sr. Technology Developer,

Roy is the CTO and co-founder of Peletex Inc, inventing and developing the AFA Filter and AFCO2. He is responsible for research, experiments, simulations, technology development, innovation, patents, proposals, and the design and fabrication of prototypes


Roy was the Principle Investigator for two projects conducted collaboratively with Sandia National Laboratories, funded by the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research and the Office of Naval Research.


Roy is named as sole or co-inventor on ten of the WES/Peletex patents now owned by ICS.

Bill joined Peletex, Inc., later WES, in 2006 and has led the development team since.


After 19 years in the Technology Development Group at Intel Corp in Oregon, his final position was Yield Manager for the Logic Process development effort. In this role, he managed budgets, a large engineering staff, schedules and aggressive goals for technology development across a worldwide “virtual factory.”


Bill is a seasoned and disciplined engineering manager, skilled in project management, team development, organizational development, customer relations, experimental design and process control.


Bill is named as co-inventor on five patents relating to WES/Peletex technologies

now owned by ICS and two others.

Chief Technology Advisor

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