May 15, 2018

ICS RFC Featured in May/June Carbon Capture Journal

The ICS/Westec Environmental Solutions Regenerative Froth Contactor is featured on the cover & page 15 article in the May/June 2018 issue (#63) of the Carbon Capture Journal.

Summarizes history, the current state of the technology, current collaboration with SINTEF on precipitating solvents, why RFC is a potential game-changer for solvent-based flue-gas cleanup & CO2 capture.

March 14, 2018

News Release: Canadian and US companies team up to drive commercialization of ground-breaking clean-tech for industrial applications

Industrial Climate Solutions Inc., based in Calgary Alberta announced today at the Globe Forum and Innovation Expo in Vancouver Canada, that they have signed a license with Westec Environmental Solutions, LLC.

The license grants ICSI exclusive rights to scale up and commercialize WES’s suite of innovative gas/liquid and three-phase contactor/reactor technologies – known as the Regenerative Froth Contactor (RFC) technology. The license covers CO2 and other gas absorption, particulate removal, desulfurization, scrubbing, sparging (removing dissolved gases/volatile compounds in a liquid), chemical reactor, and all other applications.

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